A + J's Wedding Day

This special wedding day was full of color, disco, and so much love! Every corner you turned you were faced with bits of personality. I was so happy to find that this couple made the space their own with sprawling florals, shiny disco balls, and funky sunglasses galore!

Sprawling Florals

I am not sure which I was more obsessed with, A's infectious laugh or her incredible custom florals! Everywhere I looked I was in awe of another beautiful floral arrangement. Filled with color, disco balls, and grandiose in size, these flowers stole my heart!

Disco Balls & Neon Signs

So many fun and personal touches were added into this wedding day! Not one, not two, but THREE neon signs lit up the room. One of my favorites was above the cutest little help yourself candy bar!

Love & Laughter

Not only was this day oh so colorful and fun, it was also full of true love and laughter. A + J brought out the waterworks in me with the passion that their wedding day had. This couple left space and time to truly feel every emotion from silly times to heartfelt vows!

I am so grateful for days like this where my heart feels full and I can be creative in my work! Thank you A + J for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!