Do I need a second photographer?

Second Shooters or Second Photographers, can provide so much value to a wedding day! But the real question is do you need one? While this really can depend on your wedding day, I want to give you a few of the benefits of having a second shooter there on your wedding day.

Two Places at Once

There are times during your wedding that I wish I could be in two places at once and with a second shooter I sort of can be! While we are capturing all of those precious family photos, my second photographer can be taking pictures of guests in your cocktail hour. This way no moment is missed and each part of your day is photographed!

Another Perspective

Having a second photographer allows the opportunity for multiple perspectives during the day. For instances, having both of us there for your first look would allow us to focus on each of your individual reactions during the moment. Or with each of us using different lenses you could see a wide angle and close up shot of the same moment in your ceremony!

Saving Time

We want to make the most of your wedding day and so by allowing me to be in two places at once, we can save a lot of time. Often times I will send my second photographer to be with the groom and groomsmen to capture their getting ready, details, and individuals of the groom while I am with the bride and bridesmaids. Because we can do this simultaneously, no time is wasted with one or the other and no precious moments are missed.

Double Creativity

Working with a second photographer always increases not only my creativity but adds theirs as well. Being able to bounce new ideas off of each other or point out unique things to one another creates such beautiful, unique moments for your wedding day. My second shooter may notice a stunning place to hang your dress or I may think of something new to try with your wedding party that they help me implement.


While not every wedding needs a second photographer, I think that having one is an amazing perk. I hope this helps you get an idea of what a second shooter is, what they do in the day, and whether or not you may want to have one on your wedding day!